Study of Hebrews

It's not about us. It's about Him - knowing Him and making Him known because people are hurting, society is crumbling, and we need to continue on strong.

Thank you for checking out our ongoing study of the book of Hebrews. We'll add a new section each week along with a downloadable, printable handout for that section. We hope you come back for each one.

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Introduction: Welcome to the Study

The Divine Nature of Jesus - Hebrews_1:1-3

Jesus, King of All - Hebrews_1:4-14

Time to Pay Attention - Hebrews_2:1-4

Jesus Didn't Save the Angels - Hebrews_2:5-18

Consider Jesus - Hebrews_3:1-6

Believe - Hebrews_3:7-19

Enter His Rest - Hebrew_4:1-13

Jesus, Our Priest - Hebrews_4:14-5:10

Grow Up - Hebrews_5:11-14

Step up - Hebrews_6:1-6

Go Beyond - Hebrews_6:7-10

Certainty of Hope, Part 1 - Hebrews_6:11-12

Certainty of Hope, Part 2 - Hebrews_6:12-20

Who is Melchizedek? - Hebrews_7:1-3

Melchizedek Superior to Abraham - Hebrews_7:4-10

Perfection: A Better Hope - Hebrews_7:11-28

Jesus: Something Better - Hebrews_8:1-6

Experience the Better Covenant - Hebrews_8:7-13

Our Old Covenant Purpose - Hebrews_9:1-10

The Real Thing: Our New Covenant Purpose - Hebrews_9:11-28

Clean, Once and for All - Hebrews_10:1-18

As the Day Draws Near - Hebrews_10:19-25

The Other Option on that Day - Hebrews_10:26-39

By Faith, from Creation to the Flood - Hebrews_11:1-7

By Faith, from the Flood to the Law - Hebrews_11:8-22

By Faith, from the Law to the Promised Land - Hebrews_11:23-40

The Struggle against Sin - Hebrews_12:1-13

Finding Peace through Grace - Hebrews_12:14-29

The Whole Picture - Hebrews_13:1-25