About Me

As a young child, I believed God counted how many good things and bad things I did; the side with the higher number determined whether I would go to heaven or hell. I clearly remember a day, while I was still young, when I came to understand it didn’t matter how many deeds were on the bad side. Jesus died to pay the price for all of them; that fact alone would give me the privilege of spending eternity with Him. Over the last 35 years, there have been peaks and valleys but my life goal is to love and serve Him. Click here to read more of my story about my relationship with Jesus.

I started Grow Barefoot in 2010 to teach the truth of God's Word as a source of salvation and freedom. Beyond Grow Barefoot, God has blessed my life immensely. I love and support Jimmy, my husband of 20 years, work in the athletic department of our local Christian school, and take care of the home we (quite literally) built together.

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