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I founded Grow Barefoot in 2010 about the same time I published my first Bible study, “Seven Roles, One Woman: You Expect Me to do All That?” Rather than develop a ministry focused on me or on the roles of women, God led me toward a more all-encompassing ministry that focused on discipleship.

I knew first of all that the ministry had to focus on the freedom we have in Christ. I questioned, “What item is a picture of freedom?” I immediately thought of bare feet. I spent much of my childhood barefoot – I’ve always loved the feel of new, unmown grass beneath my toes in early spring. If I find myself on a beach, even shivering and wrapped in a jacket, I can’t leave until I have taken off my shoes and walked barefoot in the water. Barefoot – a strong, universal picture of freedom.

Besides the similarity to the common expression “go barefoot,” I chose the word Grow because Grow Barefoot teaching is all about helping others grow in their relationship with Christ. I hope to bring others into a relationship with Christ, but even more, I hope to help fellow believers grow in freedom and intimacy with Christ.

The tagline Live Free · Pursue Holiness · No Excuses fits with the name Grow Barefoot and also leads into some of the name’s scriptural background. Moses’ encounter with the burning bush is one of my favorite stories from the Bible. God spoke to Moses, “Take off your sandals, the place where you are standing is holy ground…I have indeed seen the oppression of my people…and have come down to set them free” (Acts 7:30-34). Moses’ response is so human – so much the exact thing any of us would have said in that situation. The same thing we actually say when God calls us to a new mission. Moses made excuses – he had killed a man, he couldn’t speak well, he didn’t think he was important enough, he was afraid the people wouldn’t accept him.

Past failures, physical limitations, low self-image, fear – all these things and more keep us from growing in Christ and serving in the way He calls. However, God was with Moses and helped him to overcome all the excuses. He promises to help us as well, “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6). If He is the one who completes the work in us, then, we are without excuse in accomplishing the task to which He calls us.

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