Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm not Superman

We see God work every day if we allow ourselves to have eyes to see His impact all around us. Lucky situations and amazing coincidences don’t just happen by chance; God ordains them and then allows us to witness His holy sovereignty in the moment.

I’ve received the first update from Jimmy regarding the trip to North Africa. As has always been the case, he started to see the hand of God work before he even left American soil. He writes,

My city of departure had a huge, national medical conference that ended the night before I left. My entire flight was full of medical doctors, nurses, and resident students from southeast America; I was flying to Atlanta.

I was able to strike up a conversation with a couple of residents and a dorm mom who was helping them. I went through who I was and what I was doing.

Going to Africa? Why?

I’m going because a doctor and his family need help adding solar power to their house as they work at a clinic in North Africa. As doctors to be, they found the whole story of going to help people in Africa exciting since they are helpers themselves. They help people here; not there.

“The world needs more people like you in it," the young 20-something stated.

“I’m just doing what God wanted me to do,” I answered. “I’m going and following and asking Jesus to direct my hands, my mind, and my feet.”

This brought the dorm mom to my side as she’s from the southern Bible belt. "You’re so sweet doing that for them.”

I do enjoy praise.

But this isn’t about me.

I can do a lot of things well but I’m not an expert in anything that I know of. I’m definitely not an expert in solar panel systems. But, “I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

I’m not Superman. I’m a guy doing what God asked me to do. The world is what it is with or without me but not without Christ. Don’t praise me as I will fail you. Ask my closest family and friends – I mess up a lot.


because of Christ, His sacrifice on the cross, and His Love for us, we have hope and eternal life in Jesus.

I’m writing this in the Atlanta airport sitting next to another man we’ll call Big Daddy R. He too is no Superman. But we’re on this journey together – seeing, watching, and participating in what our Lord Jesus Christ is doing. We’re following, ready to go, and ready to do. We’re ready to see Him work.

More to come, Lord willing.

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