Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spark: Five ways to renew the light within you

An interesting thing swept through social media as the new year began earlier this month. All of a sudden, everyone was posting their new word for this upcoming year and asking others what is their word. People selected words like

All of these are good words; probably everyone has a story behind it. I didn’t choose one; I mean, so many good words are out there. I’m a thinker and a writer – how could I choose just one?

I realized a few days ago that I do actually have a favorite word, though. And, I realized that although I love this word for silly reasons, maybe God could teach me something through it.

I love this word because I love puzzles and word games. Every time I see this word, my mind starts playing games with it – it’s such a fun word! At least it is for a word geek like me. I love it because, even though it’s only five letters long, I can make so many words out of it without even rearranging the letters.

We all have a spark within us. God granted us life – even abundant life! He gave us an inner passion to connect with Him through His Son Jesus and shine His light to a dark world. Sometimes that spark runs down, though, and doesn’t burn so bright. Sometimes we have to rekindle our spark. There, buried in the word itself, are some ways we can do that.

Spa… Relax… Quiet. It doesn’t have to be at a spa but we need to take time to get away from the stress. We need to relax and be quiet. We need to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves.

Pa… Ma… Family. We need to build relationships with our biological and spiritual families. God places these people in our lives for a reason. We need to encourage each other, pray for one another, and love and support one another. The prayers and counsel of our families can bring us through many of the world’s trials.

Par... Golf... Sports... Exercise. Maybe you enjoy a round on the golf course and maybe not, but either way, physical exercise can do amazing things to relieve our stress and energize us spiritually.

Park… Outside... Nature. Get outside, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, breath some fresh air. Look at the grandeur and majesty around you and remember that God created it. If He can care for all of that, then trust that He can care for you. Also, God values you more than He does all of the earth.

Ark… Noah… Bible. Nothing energizes us like spending time in God’s Word. Pick a verse or even a whole chapter. Read it; think about what God says in that passage. Think about how it can change your life if you let it. Then do it. Believe it and apply it and let yourself be transformed by it.

So there you have it – my little word geek moment. But the thing is, God can use anything to teach us a lesson. Now every time I see the word SPARK I’m going to be reminded to take time to rejuvenate myself so God’s spark – His light – can shine through me more effectively.

"For God, who said, 'Let light shine out of darkness,'
made his light shine in our hearts
to give us the light of the knowledge

of the glory of God in the face of Christ."
2 Corinthians 4:6