Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Out-There Story: What if I created my own religion

My mind can come up with some pretty “out there” stuff but I don’t think I could ever come up with a belief system like Christianity. It’s bizarre.

What if I created my own religion? How would I determine a way for people to have a relationship with God? What would they have to do to earn His favor?

I would make love and obedience mandatory; I’d require substantial life-altering gifts and sacrifices. People would have to work – work – WORK to prove they were worthy of the relationship.

Never in my wildest imaginings would it occur to me to make up a story like the plan presented in the Bible. I’d never define love as God being the One to make the sacrifice instead of the people. I’d never have the gall to say “God has to send Jesus to die because of all the wrong we’ve done” – if I created my own religion.

That’s one reason – among many – why I know Christianity wasn’t dreamed up in the mind of a person. Christianity’s unique plan of salvation must have originated with Someone who could see the whole picture instead of just the sliver of time each individual person gets to see. Christianity's plan must have come from a Being whose ways are not like human ways. Believe me; no person could make up this kind of stuff.

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