Thursday, November 29, 2012

God's Word - Feast or Famine?

Thanksgiving… Christmas… This time of year abounds in many ways. Food overflows on the tables, lights abound on most homes and buildings, shoppers crowd into the stores, gifts pile high beneath and around the tree. Hopefully, friends and family abound in their wishes of “Happy Thanksgiving” and “Merry Christmas.”

No doubt these are an abundance of blessings for which to be thankful.

That’s not how we live our real lives though. In the remaining eleven months of the year we live fairly steady, consistent lives. In my life, no meal all year compares to the feast at Thanksgiving. Not even my birthday celebration compares to the abundance of presents on Christmas morning.

I think many of us have fallen into the habit of studying God’s Word like we celebrate the holidays. We do so in abundance for a short time; we feast on His Word and savor each bite. Then, we stop. Bible study becomes about as frequent as a non-Thanksgiving feast or a Christmas-less pile of presents.

Many studies focus intently for a short time – maybe 12-, 10-, or only 5- weeks. God never intended for us to study abundantly for a few weeks and then be done for several months. The authors of today’s studies probably don’t intend them to be used that way either.

I’m reminded of my mom who accepted Christ as her Savior as a young adult. She joined a weekly Bible study that met every Tuesday morning. Each week an older woman taught the truths of God’s word to this group of women. Regular Bible study became a part of my mom’s life; by the time she passed away, she herself had helped many other women grow in their faith. A steady, consistent diet of God’s Word transformed her life.

We can learn and grow from a once-a-year binge on God's Word. His Word has the power to make that happen. It's not the best way, however. I encourage you as a new year looms around the corner - find a way to make steady, consistent Bible study part of your daily diet


  1. This is awesome, Kathi! We were just discussing next year's Sunday School curriculum for our class and all of us felt like we needed to teach people how to turn to the Word of God for the answers they are looking for... and well, actually, already being in the Word of God and so that we will know God's will before a problem arises.

  2. What a great idea, Sheri! I'd be honored to be a part of facilitating that! Watch this blog for more information about this project over the next couple of weeks!