Saturday, August 25, 2012

God Shows Up

As you may know, my husband is currently in Africa. He has been able to send a few reports; today, as I sat looking over them, I was struck with the consistency of God. I've been around many short term mission trips over the last 20+ years, either as a participant, an organizer, a supporter, or the wife of one of those jobs. Here is the consistency that struck me today -

The more a believer stretches out of their comfort zone...
The more they step out in faith...
The more they rely on God and less on their own ability...

The more God shows up and does His awesome thing.

  • God doesn't provide money for trips that people won't commit to because they think it's too expensive.
  • God doesn't soften the heart of custom's agents or airport personnel for trips that people won't commit to because it would be too hard to get the needed supplies to such a location.
  • God doesn't perform logistical miracles for trips that people won't commit to because they don't really see the need or the purpose.

God does His amazing work when we step out in faith and trust, totally dependent on Him. The important thing isn't what we can do in our own power - what matters is how much we trust Him to do what He says He will do.

So... here is some of what's gone on with Jimmy getting to Africa. I know they have arrived safely and completed their first full day of work but I haven't received a report on any of that yet.

A Softened Heart

Each man traveled with an extra bag. The amount required for the extra baggage fee turned out to be 267% higher than the amount listed on the airline's website. Jimmy politely questioned the increased fee; rather than explain it, the airline attendant simply honored the lower fee thereby saving hundreds of dollars.

A Convenient Distraction

While boarding in Atlanta, the airline personnel informed Jimmy they would have to check one of his carry-on bags as it was too large. This distraction enabled the other men to pass by with larger bags. The late checking increased the odds of the bag not arriving at the final destination but Jimmy was OK with that. The situation reminded him that our stuff doesn't meet our needs; God is the One who meets all of our needs.

An Uncluttered Mind

Mission trips provide an opportunity to step away from the stress and hassle of everyday life. When the coming and going of busyness doesn’t clutter our mind, we see God in a new and fresh way. Therefore, I wasn't surprised to read that a sunrise declared God's glory over the Atlantic Ocean and the sand dunes of the Sahara proclaimed His power.

A Helpful Spirit

The custom's agents delayed the men when they arrived in country. Lots of questions ensued. Kap arrived to help sort out problems. The agents finally allowed them to pass through when they realized our group of men was there to help the people. The world will know us by our love; a helpful spirit penetrates more barriers than a sword ever could.

In the Bible, God performed epic miracles. God is still God today. If God isn't showing up in your life, maybe you need to step out in faith; relying a little less on yourself and a little more on Him.

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