Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Everything We Need: God's path to know Him better

It’s done. It’s here. I’ve been telling you about it for almost exactly three years – which means I’ve been working on it for four or five. That amazes me.

I’ve had moments during this project where the intimacy with God brought me to tears…even in a public library. Also moments where I wanted to jump up and yell because our God is so awesome. Again, in the library…so I didn’t.

I’ve been angry…and excited…and overwhelmed…and attacked…and in love…and frustrated…but quitting was never an option. I couldn’t have quit any sooner than I could deny the One who called me to this project.

Do you non-writers realize how much some authors pour themselves into their books?

And so after all that, here it is…

God whispered to me, “Know My truths. Know My Word. Know Me. How can you love and serve Me if you don’t know me?” Around that same time, verses of Scripture started leaping off the page and into my soul. The verses had a common element – the importance of knowing Him. So began the study of topics that God wants us to know.

During that study I discovered twelve foundational, yet often overlooked, areas where God desires for us to know one of His truths. We accept God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus but then stagnate. We need help to grow in knowledge, freedom, and intimacy with our Creator God.

I've personally led three groups through this material in the study format; the results from all three groups were the same. Believers realized that life with the Savior is much more than just salvation. Whether they chose to follow Christ five years ago or fifty years ago, people are experiencing a new depth to the Scriptures along with a greater understanding of living a practical, daily life in relationship with Him. Seeing those kinds of changes in the lives of believers – that’s my passion.

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