Thursday, August 29, 2013

Be Still and Know...A Post That's Not Really About Syria

The Syrian conflict…there is no good solution.

So that’s not entirely what this article is about.

Grow Barefoot’s focus for the month of August has been the nations - all nations - including Syria, Egypt, and all the other places that are volatile right now. Some of the posts were…

But this is the post that really got me to thinking…

As I reread this familiar verse, “Be still and know…,” it reminded me of the popular quote “Keep calm and….” Sometimes the quote ends in something funny like “Keep calm and pass the chocolate.” I’ve seen t-shirts that said, “Keep calm and play volleyball.” A great friend sent me one a few days after I originally posted this article... Love it!

As I saw a similarity between “Be still” and “Keep calm,” I wondered where the “Keep calm” expression came from. As it turns out, the original was a motivational poster made by England around 1939 just as World War II was breaking out across Europe. This is my own adaptation of the solid red original...

The government produced the poster to increase morale among British civilians in the event of a massive attack. The highest fear was the release of poison gas in major cities. Sound familiar?

But here’s the deal…Even the trendiest poster can’t really help us keep calm in the midst of national attack – whether the attack is from chemical agents, natural disaster, economic collapse, corrupt government offices, or terrorist organizations. In those times, the only way to keep calm – or be still – is to know the one true God of Israel. He reigns over the nations, He blesses those nations who follow Him, He is the source of hope and salvation for all nations, and yet He will bring judgment on all nations. I choose to be on His side.

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