Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To Meet and Kiss: Finding beauty where the gentle balances the harsh

I read two of the most beautiful lines of poetry I’ve ever encountered as part of this month’s focus on faithfulness. We don’t know the exact author; Scripture attributes it to the Sons of Korah. The Sons of Korah refers to the choir that served in the ancient Jewish temple.

Grace and Truth have Met
Grace, who sometimes goes by the name Mercy, has met Truth. The two came together. Grace with her eyes of favor, clothed in lovingkindness and forgiveness, brought words of loyalty and devotion. Truth came with steps of firmness and faithfulness. His established words were right and unwavering.

Justice and Peace have Kissed
Meanwhile, Justice and Peace kissed. These two also came together; Justice, although full of righteousness, spoke words of vindication and deliverance. Peace embraced his words with quietness and tranquility. She came wrapped in wellness and wholeness and brought contentment to their relationship.

Truth and Justice
These two seemed so harsh; so unwavering and focused. However, blessing came through their constant and unchanging words.

Truth sprung up from the earth. He reminded us all of the abundant provision given by the earth. Abundant provision came for us all from the words of Truth.

Justice looked down from heaven. He shined on us all with warmth and light. He gave us all the strength needed to grow toward him.

In case the blessings of Truth and Justice weren’t enough on their own, remember Truth met Grace and Justice embraced Peace. They each united to offer the beauty of balance to us all. Truth’s firmness wrapped itself in Grace’s lovingkindness. The righteousness and vindication of Justice joined with the quietness and tranquility of Peace.

They live as an example to us all. They remind us not to forsake Truth but wrap it in Grace to offer to a lie-confused world (Tweet this). Don’t neglect Justice in this ill-treated world, but along with him, offer Peace (Tweet this).

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  1. Those really are lovely--very ancient and full of sense.