Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Excuses: Conquering 7 excuses that hold us back

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If you visit often, you're probably familiar with the Grow Barefoot tagline. To us, it's more than a catchy slogan - it's a lifestyle choice. We actively choose to live free from slavery to sin and free from the rules of man-made religion. We actively choose to pursue a life of obedience to God's Word in order to honor Him. Finally, we actively choose to do what He wants us to do without offering excuses for why we can't. A key purpose of our ministry is to help you do the same.

Ron Edmondson wrote the following article on his blog, Graced Again. His is one of my favorite blogs so when I came across this article this week, I knew I had to obtain permission to pass it along to you.

The 7 Best Excuses We Make

There’s always an excuse if we’re looking for one. I’ve made so many. Even when we are certain God has called us to something, we will stall because an excuse is always near. Most excuses seem reasonable at first glance. Common sense even.

But, following a dream, especially a God-inspired, God-sized dream, always requires a certain level of risk. Walking by faith. Stepping into the unknown. Overcoming excuses.

Are you stalling? Maybe you’ve even run out of another good excuse. If an opportunity is still staring you in the face, let me help.

Here are 7 of the best excuses I’ve used or heard:

I can’t – You don’t have what it takes…and so far…aren’t trusting God to provide what you lack. (Gideon would agree. Judges 6)

I won’t – Or at least you won’t give it a try. In fact…if the truth is known…you’d rather run…some more. I did this one for years. (How did that work for Jonah?)

I don’t know how – It seems overwhelming…and you are either to proud to admit it or aren’t willing to learn. (Think Noah knew how to build a boat that large? Genesis 6)

I don’t have time – God calls for obedience now…and you’re preoccupied. And, chances are…with this as an excuse…you never will have time. This has worked for me before too…for a season. (See Luke 9:59.)

I’m all alone – It feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s true. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. I once thought I was the only one with a burden to plant a church. Little did I know. God had an army prepared. (Elijah thought He was alone…and found out otherwise. 1 Kings 19)

I’m afraid – And you can choose to let fear control you. I have. Many times. It’s a powerful, motivating excuse. Much could go wrong. And, our mind is capable of quickly creating worst-case-scenarios. (Could we learn from Esther? Esther 3)

I can’t afford it – You’re afraid the dream will be more expensive than the provision of God. You wouldn’t verbalize this one, but it’s real, isn’t it? (Tell that to the widow in 1 Kings 17…or the disciples who picked up 12 baskets of leftover bread. Matthew 14)

There will always be an excuse to not follow the dreams God lays on your heart. Obstacles in life are plentiful. You can keep making excuses, or you can address them one excuse at a time. The one who achieves most is often the one most willing to overcome excuses.

Are you? What excuse are you using to stall on God’s plan?

About Ron Edmondson: Church planter and pastor with a heart for strategy, leadership, and marketing; especially geared toward developing churches and growing and improving the Kingdom of God.

I'll answer Ron's question first. For me, I had a whole slew of excuses - just like Moses at the burning bush. Moses had killed a man, he couldn’t speak well, he didn’t think he was important enough, he was afraid the people wouldn’t accept him. 

Past failures, physical limitations, low self-image, fear – all these things and more kept me from growing in Christ and serving in the way He called. However, God was with Moses and helped him to overcome all the excuses. God promised to help me - and you - as well, “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” Philippians 1:6. If He is the one who completes the work in us, then, we are without excuse in accomplishing the task to which He calls us.

Now it's your turn. Repeating Ron's question, What excuse are you using to stall on God's plan? 


  1. so I must admit, even reading the headline I was making excuses!
    great post-I've made all these excuses, with no results-thanks for this reminder!

    1. You're welcome. Yes, I wondered if people would make excuses as to why they couldn't read it. I know I would! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I admit I did the same thing!(made excuses why I shouldn't/couldn't read the article!)
    How often do I dismiss an idea before looking a little deeper? Thanks for the food for thought!

    1. Glad you let go of the excuses and stopped by anyway, Cyn!