Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Band-aids and the Bible: Both must be applied to work

Scraped knees and kitty scratches are common in my household. The active lives of four young kids mandate a continuous supply of Band-aids. While tending to a scrape recently, I found myself reading the box of Band-aids for some reason - I don't remember why. The thought struck me while I was reading, "Band-aids don't do a bit of good if you don't apply them." Nothing was going to help the hurt on my daughter's leg if I just read the box of Band-aids and never actually applied one of the miracle strips. I say miraculous because often the mere application of the bandage is enough to cease the pain and dry up the tears.

Band-aids don't do a bit of good if you don't apply them. It's the same with God's Word. We read the Bible's words but don't ever apply them. We leave the power - the "miracle strip," if you will - in the box where its healing and transforming work will never be done.

Reading the Bible without application does nothing but increase our knowledge. With the help of the Holy Spirit, application takes us beyond knowledge and allows the Word of God to transform us. The following tips should help you apply what the Bible says when you read it.

Applications should be...

  • Personal. Your applications are for you, not your spouse, children, friend, boss, or any other acquaintance. How is God working to transform you through this passage?

  • Practical. Scripture may elicit an emotional response in us but the application of Scripture needs to be a practical, doable change in our lifestyle.

  • Specific. Determine clear actions to help lead to transformation. For example, “I need to love others” is too general. To make it more specific, finish the sentence by determining specific ways you can work on loving others more.

  • To read specific examples of Scripture that can help heal our wounds, visit Bible Band-aids.

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