Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our God is the Fire

Permit me to set the stage a little for today's post. I received an email a few days ago from a missionary friend in West Africa. He told the story of Komlan and his wife who recently accepted Christ as their Savior. Under the Spirit's leading and protection, they desired to burn the idols of their former beliefs.

Joseph's story reminded me of the stories of Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and the disciples. I had studied these biblical stories the day before receiving the email. In each one, God appeared as a fire. Inspired by their story, I sensed God leading me to sculpt Joseph's letter into a poem - my first attempt at poetry in twenty years. I hope you are inspired by it...

Our God is the Fire
by Joseph Akakpo and Kathi Woodall

Praise the Lord, Amen!
It was done for God;
done for God's glory.

Brother Komlan stood,
stood before the Lord,
stood with gods in hand.

Komlan’s wife, she came
to know the New Lord,
Lord of her husband.

I am ready too;
ready to follow
Lord of my husband.

For this year I pray
freedom for our souls.
We suffer too much.

Suffer too much in
the hands of Satan
I… I want freedom.

Her declaration,
our praise to the Lord,
give Him the glory.

Our God can do more –
abundantly more –
more than what we think.

Brother Komlan brought,
brought his fetishes.
Gods dug from the ground.

He had many gods
for such a young man;
too much at that age.

Psalm one fifteen speaks,
Not to us, O LORD
Your Name be glory

Why do nations say,
Where, where is their God?
God is in heaven.

Idols made by men.
Eyes but cannot see;
Hands but cannot feel.

Pow’r in Jesus name,
put fire on these gods.
Gods became ashes.

Abram testifies
Near a flaming pot,
Our God is the Fire.

Moses testifies
Near a burning bush,
Our God is the Fire.

Elijah proclaims
Near to Baal’s altar,
Our God is the Fire.

Disciples proclaim
Under tongues of flame,
Our God is the Fire.

Cast your idols down.
Throw them in the fire.
Our God is the Fire.

My partner in pray’r,
My holy fam’ly
Of our one Great God,

Lord Jesus the Christ –
One consuming Fire –
Jehovah is God.

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  1. Nicely done. May He burn in our hearts to love Him and serve Him!