Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear Lord... A Prayer for Today

Dear Lord,

What do you have in store for me today? Do you want me to …

  • help Your friend? Help me to see the hurting person.
  • study Your Word? Help me to understand it in truth.
  • give Your dollar? Help me to not hold back.
  • proclaim Your Name? Help me to be bold.
  • raise Your children? Help me to be merciful yet firm.
  • care for Your Earth? Help me to be responsible.
  • teach Your lesson? Help me to be clear and speak the truth.
  • ponder Your majesty? Help me to glimpse a fraction of who You are.
  • fight Your cause? Help me to be wise and strong.
  • behold Your creation? Help me to see intricacy and grandeur at the same time.
  • sing Your praises? Help me to focus on Your glory.
  • enjoy Your presence? Help me to stop and rest in You.
  • clean Your house? Help me to do so to honor You.
  • serve Your people? Help me to love them as You do.

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