Thursday, April 26, 2012

Handling Discouragement

I have been somewhat discouraged the last few days. No specific reason for my melancholy spirit; although a lack of spiritual food is usually an accomplice to the problem. With that said, as I recognized the onset yesterday, I immediately shifted my thoughts to God. I prayed for encouragement and focus. I immediately remembered a message I gave a few weeks ago at a women’s conference at a local seminary. The breakout sessions of this particular conference focused on pouring ourselves out into the lives of others…praying for others, women’s ministries, girls’ ministries, teaching others, reaching different generations, etc. I was asked, however, to speak on inpouring; specifically, ways we can fill ourselves up so we are then able to pour into others.
My points from that message were what God brought to mind when I found myself in need of a little inpouring. John 13-17 tells the story of Jesus' last moments with His disciples before His crucifixion. The words He spoke in those hours are the ultimate inpouring; they had to sustain the disciples through what may have been the hardest three days of their lives and even more so after Jesus ascended into heaven.
Jesus never intended for the disciples to keep His words to themselves. The disciples knew the power and importance of the message they received; they spent the rest of their lives pouring that message into those with whom they came into contact. The message has trickled down now for two thousand years. In light of that plan, I want to pass on some of the key points to each of you as well…
TRUST ME – John 14:1

KNOW ME – John 14:6-10

BELIEVE ME – John 14:11-14

LOVE ME – John 14:15, 21-24

BE HATED FOR ME – John 15:18-25

REMAIN IN ME – John 15:1-8

TESTIFY OF ME – John 15:26-27

Hover your cursor over each Scripture reference and you will be able to read the passage. I could write so much about each one of these but there isn’t room for that here. Don't worry, though, a book is in the works to learn more. For now, take a moment, read the verses, and let God speak to you through His Word. Hopefully you’ll be encouraged and empowered to keep on serving Him.

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