Saturday, January 7, 2012

Divine Inconvenience

We arrived in Haiti around 9:00am this past Tuesday; none of our group's checked luggage, however, did. After some searching on the computer, a lady at the airport told us all of our bags should be on the next flight, arriving around 12:00. OK, well, it's not the best situation, but we settled in, sitting on the baggage claim for a long wait. 

Our wait caused us to miss our mission flight into the mountains.

Meanwhile, Mommy was waiting at the grass airstrip in Pignon to pick us up. Since we didn't make our 1:00 mission flight, our spots on the plane were given to a different group, and we took their spots on a later flight. While Mommy was waiting for us, she struck up a conversation with another lady who was waiting to pick up the group who flew on our originally scheduled flight. That group was a medical group from the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area; it included a pediatric physical therapist, pediatrician, and a psychiatrist. Interestingly enough, that was the perfect combination to help with some of the special needs children here at the orphanage.

The medical group came by the orphanage today and helped several of the kids. I was able to help the physical therapist with Mikey's wheelchair. Mikey has hydrocephalus and although he is five years old, has the body of a one year old. She made several adjustments to his chair which should increase his comfort and mobility.

None of the medical blessings today would have happened if our luggage had been on time and we were on our correct flight from Port-au-Prince to Pignon. None of our group complained about the problems with the luggage but we easily could have. How humbling to see today how our inconvenience, our difficulty, enabled such a blessing for others.

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