Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exhort? Teach? Admonish? Ugh.

“OK… Do that one more time, just your left hand… No, this note, then that one… OK, now start.”
I’m sitting in the sanctuary of my church, catching up on some work while waiting for my daughters’ piano lessons. The teacher takes each girl one step at a time through timing, accidentals, the mood of the piece, melody, sitting and hand position, and all the other factors that must combine in unison to create a beautiful piece.
It’s interesting to see how the music teacher’s style changes as she has finished with my oldest daughter who has taken lessons for a few years and begins working with a younger daughter who has only taken for a few months. She patiently meets each student where they are at in their musical abilities and helps them develop to the next level.

I am reminded of how we, as Christians, need to help one another grow spiritually.


They may sound like really big concepts that can only truly be done by a trained professional. They really aren’t that big of ideas, though.

Come alongside.
Be a friend.
Speak a word of truth offered in love.
Say a prayer.
Meet them where they’re at.

Maybe your investment in the life of another person will take them from playing Chopsticks to performing Mozart.


  1. So important to pass it on... I was just saying that today in Bible study.

  2. I agree, Sheri. I think Satan lies to us by telling us we can't help another sister spiritually. We have to have the confidence in Christ to not succomb to it.