Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Got It All Done! Well, Almost...

You may have noticed I am late on posting. I try to write one article a week but it has been nearly two weeks since I wrote anything. Although a thought nagged in my head all week, “You need to sit down and write…you need to sit down and write…,” I dismissed it because I was accomplishing so much in other areas of my life. My house was fairly clean for those two weeks. Over fifty wrinkly articles of clothing had taken up residence in my laundry room so I caught up on ironing. I spent time with friends. I was the proverbial soccer mom although the soccer ball was replaced by volleyballs, softballs, and piano keys. I even did craft projects with my kids.

I was quite productive. Plan-plan-plan. Check off the list. Push-push-push. Activity done. Scramble-scramble-scramble. Deadline met. In the midst of all of the activity, however, I spent no time writing. For me, that means I spent no time one-on-one with God. This morning, as I rushed around gathering items for a women’s event at our church, I began to look back on my chaotic week.

My house is already a mess again.

The ironed clothing will be worn within the next few days and be wrinkly once again.

The activities will be forgotten.

Although some of the tasks mandated by our roles as wives, mothers, businesswomen, and homemakers are necessary, only one thing matters for eternity.

I am reminded once again that only when I make my relationship with God my highest priority will I be able to succeed and delight in all of the other roles in my life.

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