Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for Bananas & Vacations

I was driving in my car with my four year old when she asked me if Thanksgiving is the day we thank Jesus for things. I smiled and told her it is. She continued,

"Like grass?"
     "Yes, like grass."
"And trees?"
     "Yes, and trees."
"For apples and pears?"
     "Yep, apples and pears."
"And bananas?"
     "Even bananas."
"For houses?"
"And cars?"
     "Yes, thankful for cars."
"And hotels and vacations?"

I knew she'd crack me up eventually. We have no travel plans for this holiday season and the last hotel and vacation experience she had was several months ago. However, the idea of a vacation and the fun of a hotel, as long as it has a swimming pool, are always forefront in her young mind.

In the Old Testament, thanksgiving (Hebrew: towdah) means confession which leads to praising and giving thanks to God. It also means to bring a thank-offering before God. Even the root of the word reveals that thanksgiving includes extending your hands before God in surrender, confession, and praise.

I am thankful for a lot this season. Like my youngest, I am thankful for creation, food, a home, and even vacations. I could add more to her list as well. But, most of all, I am thankful for a loving Father-God whom I can come before in confession. I’m thankful He turns my tears of repentance into tears of joy. I am thankful His Son died to make that relationship possible and will return again to establish a kingdom of peace on earth. I am thankful His Spirit indwells me now to guide and help me as I walk this journey on earth.

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  1. What a concept to think that we need to not only confess our sins, but our thanks. Confessing his goodness to us. Being His witness.