Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Scrambler

This past weekend we took our oldest two daughters to an amusement park with plenty of thrill rides and good times. They rode “The Scrambler,” a ride with four cars on each of three arms that spin and weave in and out of each other. Just as the earth rotates on its axis as it also revolves around the earth, each group of cars rotates as they also revolve around the central trunk of the ride. Jimmy and I decided to sit that one out and waited for them by the exit of the ride.

Despite the speed and craziness of their spinning, each time their car spun around so it was facing us, we would make eye contact, smile, and sometimes wave. For a brief moment, we would connect and be a stable, non-shifting point in their ride. We were a constant that didn’t change even though their car and every car around them spun wildly.

As I stood there watching and waiting for the next moment when they would face me and our eyes would connect, I thought about how God is a constant reference point for us as we spin around in a crazy world. God doesn’t revolve and rotate like the cars on the ride or the planets in the heavens. Indeed, He created the stars and the planets and set them moving on their paths. He is a constant source of truth and righteousness. He is stability in shifting times.

What is spinning in your world right now? How can you connect with the One who does not change?

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